Fat Back Trucking, LLC

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A quick sense of humor and a savvy business sense led Shelly Hanna to launch a trucking company – Fat Back Trucking. The company hauls anything that fits on a trailer to anywhere in North America (including Canada and Alaska). Fat Back works with such trusted names as UTI Transport Solutions and BNSF Logistics and is already known for its dedication to service. The company's word is its bond, and clients such as LTR and Total Quality Logistics already depend on Fat Back to ensure their products get where they need to go by when they need to get there.

While Fat Back is a woman-owned business in the clearly man's world of trucking, Shelly approaches the company with the same brutal honesty and obvious integrity that she applies to everything in life. Fat Back Trucking focuses solely on the needs of its clients. What, where, and when are clients' only concerns. Leave the rest to Fat Back Trucking.

Fat Back Trucking: on call 7 days a week.